Smart Building Solutions

Smart Buildings: Connect Everything. Scale Fast.

CGF will transform Smart Building technology into real business value for your operation. Smart Building technology can boost your energy efficiency, monitor temperature and humidity throughout your building, or even help keep track of places that need to be sanitized – even more important in light of COVID-19. CGF has the experience and partnerships in place to order, configure, and install all elements of a best-in-class Smart Building solution and to provide on-site service and ongoing support.

Our goal is to serve you as counselors and guide you and your operation to the best smart building solutions.

Our specialists are ready to implement all the elements your Smart Building ecosystem will need to roll out a solution that is optimized to your operational needs.

Delivering a smart building solution to your business

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Generating business value with smart building technology

CGF serves as the single point of contact for delivering all components of your Smart Building solution, to enable your business to collect data you never knew existed, transform it into insights, and take action to improve your operation’s efficiency and business value.

Why Choose CGF for your Smart Building Implementation?

  • We deliver cohesive business value and outcomes by understanding our customer's strategic needs.
  • We partner with leading manufacturers in order to create optimal solutions for our customers.
  • We are focused on providing the fastest and most secure data accessibility for your private network of end users.
  • We have extensive IT experience in production control centers and industrial manufacturing processes.
  • We take a cost-efficient, lean management counseling approach to provide solutions that best serve your immediate and long term needs.

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