IIoT Turnkey Solutions

IIoT Implementation: Think Big. Start Small. Scale Fast.

With our comprehensive solutions approach, CGF is able to transform IIoT technology into real business value for your operation. CGF has the experience and partnerships in place to order, configure, and install all elements of a best-in-class, scalable IIoT ecosytem, and to provide on-site service and ongoing support.

Let CGF take the complicated process of digitizing your business environment and make it a simple, one-stop, cost-efficient solution for you.
Our IT specialists are ready to implement a cohesive integration of all IIoT Ecosystem elements:


in order to deliver a turnkey solution that is rolled out and optimized to your operational needs.

Delivering A Cohesive IIoT Ecosystem to Your Business

Transforming IIoT Technology into Business Value

CGF serves as the single point of contact for delivering all components of your IIoT Ecosystem, to enable your business information system to enhance operations by collecting data and transforming it into insights and action that supports your business.

Why Choose CGF For IIoT Implementation

  • We deliver cohesive IloT business value and outcomes by understanding our customer's strategic needs.
  • We partner with leading manufacturers in order to create optimal solutions for our customers.
  • We are focused on providing the fastest and most secure data accessibility for your private network of end users.
  • We have extensive IT experience in production control centers and industrial manufacturing processes.
  • We take a cost-efficient, lean management counseling approach to provide solutions that best serve your immediate and long term needs.

CGF: Reseller of MIOTY™ IIoT Technology:

CGF is partnering with Behr Technologies, Inc (BTI), the worldwide license owner of the MOITY™. Developed by the renowned Fraunhofer Institute, MIOTY™ offers best in-class wireless IIoT communication that improves production efficiencies by leveraging robost, scalable and cost-efficient private IIoT networks.

MIOTY™ offers unprecedented network capacity, connectivity, security and reliabity. Organizations are able to connect and monitor devices and analyze data in real time to dramatically improve operational efficiences and provide for safer work environments.



Our first customer utilizing MIOTY™ IIoT technology is a multi-international auto manufacturer with a worldwide production capacity of close to 9,000 daily units:

MIOTY™-enabled sensors

MIOTY™-enabled sensors are being utilized to measure dust particles at paint shops to help avoid paint defects and `to measure temperatures at filling stations to help avoid excessive fluid injection.

MIOTY™ alerts

At the same time, data communicated through MIOTY™ networks on atmospheric humidity and temperature across the shop floor alerts managers of critical situations when workers’ require hydration breaks. For more information on MIOTY™ visit behrtechnologies.com

Get Started With A IIoT MIOTY™ Starter Kit


CGF makes it easy to Think Big. Start Small. Scale Fast. Start “small” with a scalable IIoT MIOTY™ Starter Kit to get your IIoT Ecosystem up and running NOW.

The Starter Kit features MIOTY™’s fully ETSI-compliant specifications and is available in both European and North American modes. It consists of four multi-function sensors, one base station, the accessory kit and user documentation.

CGF will see that your MIOTY™ starter system is quickly and securely deployed and provide ongoing support and testing to monitor functionality. This is a scalable way to begin your digital transformation...as once in place, CGF can grow your IIOT network through a systematic installation rollout of additional sensors and components.

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